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(281) 304-7625
Weekdays from 4:00pm to 8:00pm at School of Rock Cypress starting Sep 21, 2015
Saturdays from 10:00am to 4:00pm at School of Rock Cypress starting Sep 26, 2015


Field Trip No purchase required to enroll

Classes and Rehearsals

Little Wing $125No purchase required to enroll

At School of Rock Cypress, we teach preschoolers in our Little Wing Program the creativity, confidence, and knowledge they need to grow into life-long lovers and practitioners of music. Music is the gateway to childrens’ growth, whether it’s in the form of great friendships from shared musical experiences or the joy of hearing an inspirational song for the first time.

Our Little Wing students at Cypress enjoy a unique variety of music-minded games based on some of the most popular music in rock and roll history. Through great music and a foundation of fun, our students refine their motor skills, coordination, pre-literacy, and group cooperation in a safe and inclusive environment.

Advance Music Courses $150Purchase required to enroll

Our Advance Music Courses are designed for young musicians who want to explore other aspects of their music education such as songwriting, recording, guitar effects, pedal boards, etc. It will give them the opportunity to learn in a more formal but still relaxed and fun setting.

Price for an 8 session course is $300 dlls.

This will be split into two $150 dlls payments.


Sub Lesson $333No purchase required to enroll


5 Day Winter Camps

There is nothing as amazing as a School of Rock Camp. Through workshops, performances, clinics, and private instruction, our young musicians turn into skilled and seasoned performers in a fun, relaxed, and creative environment. We know from experience that playing in a band speeds the learning process and the interiorization of music concepts. Through this immersion and intensive week, students progress is exponentiated.

5 Day Summer Camp $50Purchase required to enroll

Full Day Camp

PRICE: $499 dlls

Discount 25% OFF

Only $375 dlls

Enroll with only $50 and pay the difference ($325) one week before camp starts!

Half Day Camp

Price $299 dlls

April Promotion: 25% OFF

Price $225 dlls

Enroll with only $50 and pay the difference ($175) one week before camp starts!

School of Rock Cypress' music camps are designed to bring out the best performance in a fast-paced learning environment. Just like our standard programs, our camps offer a high-energy experience that is fun, creative and team-oriented. Our students learn music by playing it with their peers, guided by experienced instructors from the music community.

From basic Performance Boot Camps to more advanced camps, School of Rock offers opportunities for musicians of all skill levels.

Regardless of which camp they choose, students can expect:
• Hands-on skill building for guitar, bass guitar, keyboard, drums, and/or vocals
• One-on-one interaction with seasoned music professionals
• A deeper appreciation for music theory and fundamentals
• Greater confidence, collaboration and improvisation abilities
• A fun and interactive experience

Workshop - 1 day $49Purchase required to enroll